Ocean Armory, your local Firearms Dealer (FFL)

Specializing in firearms sales and transfers


Our unique one on one approach to sales ensures that your experience is unlike any other. No more waiting in line at big box stores only to be disappointed with the service you receive.

Call us directly or schedule time with us to receive the attention you've always deserved.



We embrace the online firearms market. There's no need for us to charge outrageous fees for completing the required background check and paperwork.

The transfer fee for one gun is $30, which includes the NICS background check fee and sales tax. Additional firearm transfers during the same visit cost just $10 each.

The process is simple- we will guide you.



Ammunition & Supplies

If you walk out of our office with a new gun, chances are that you may need some ammo, a gun case and cleaning supplies.

We will maintain an inventory of the basics you may need to get started with your new purchase.

By us keeping the onsite inventory and overhead small, we can keep the prices low for our customers.

We won't have everything- but keep in mind, we can order pretty much anything you need, including bulk ammo.



Why do business with us?

Like many of you, I have spent many years in the field chasing local game and have spent countless hours honing my skills at the range.

I have been a volunteer for the state of NJ as a Hunter Education Instructor since 2009. I have also volunteered for 4 years as a Dog Handler for the New Jersey Annual Youth Pheasant Hunt alongside of my Yellow Labrador Retriever Rocco. I am also an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor, Reloading Instructor and Certified Range Officer, having trained hundreds of students from the public, organizations and clubs.

Born and raised in Ocean County by a respected, hardworking 'blue collar' family, educated by NJIT, Stanford, Notre Dame and John's Hopkins. I have over ten years of business experience in multiple Fortune 500 businesses, as well as retail experience in a big box outdoor store.

In case you were worried, I by no means consider myself an expert in any field. There's always more to learn, and we learn best from each other, and through practice.

My promise to you:

  • You will receive exceptional one on one service.
  • We will work together to get you what you want at an honest price and on fair terms.
  • As the business grows, we will maintain the level of service which was provided on day one.

"I'm here for the love of the sport."



Mike Baldwin

Owner & Fellow Sportsman